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Depression doesn’t care and it makes you not care, even though you do still care. It doesn’t discriminate. It can happen to anyone. Use your voice for those who can’t. We can never stop fighting.

Depression doesn’t care who you are

Or what you do, or say

It doesn’t take vacations

Or coffee breaks

It strikes without warning

And sinks its claws into your mind, body, and soul

The talons of apathy and despair

Can bring the strongest of us

To their knees

Never the End of Me


The agony within my brain

It takes too much for me to explain

Too much of me to hide the pain

It is my burden, my bane

That tells me in all the ways I am not sane

But you will never beat the likes of me

Because until my very last breath, you’ll see

Despite what you’ve done to me

I’ll succeed in everything I aspired to be