Rise Above

Everyone encounters hate at least once in their lives. Learning to overcome it and emerging from other side with a thicker skin is imperative to becoming stronger and developing character. Like growing callouses on your hands to protect them from harm, the emotional and spiritual core of you must do the same. 


Rising up from the ashes of condemnation

She emerged stronger, more resilient

The shadow of her determination

Eclipsing those who held her back

The winds of change were never more refreshing

The destruction of their hate never tasted sweeter



Something happens when you reach a certain age

Where that little voice that whispers in your ear

Goes through an incredible transformation

Where it once told you you’re worthless, ugly, fat, you’ll never be good enough

Now it begins to tell you that life is too short for these deprecating thoughts

Where the opinions of others that once mattered so much

Becomes a static background noise

To the voice that tells you you’re worth it, beautiful, you’ll always be good enough

My only regret is that I didn’t listen to that voice sooner


Embrace your experiences
Both good and bad
For it is yours and only yours
No one else will ever know
What it feels like to be you
Conversely, learn to understand
That you will never truly know
The experiences of others
For theirs is as unique to them
As yours is to you
Therein lies the true meaning
Of individuality


There is no road to perfection, but there is one to betterment. Becoming a better person means looking inside yourself, embracing your flaws, but also working hard to improve those things you don’t like about yourself. Changing oneself is a terrifying task, but the ability to do so adds strength and character.