Depression doesn’t care and it makes you not care, even though you do still care. It doesn’t discriminate. It can happen to anyone. Use your voice for those who can’t. We can never stop fighting.

Depression doesn’t care who you are

Or what you do, or say

It doesn’t take vacations

Or coffee breaks

It strikes without warning

And sinks its claws into your mind, body, and soul

The talons of apathy and despair

Can bring the strongest of us

To their knees


Never the End of Me


The agony within my brain

It takes too much for me to explain

Too much of me to hide the pain

It is my burden, my bane

That tells me in all the ways I am not sane

But you will never beat the likes of me

Because until my very last breath, you’ll see

Despite what you’ve done to me

I’ll succeed in everything I aspired to be


Something happens when you reach a certain age

Where that little voice that whispers in your ear

Goes through an incredible transformation

Where it once told you you’re worthless, ugly, fat, you’ll never be good enough

Now it begins to tell you that life is too short for these deprecating thoughts

Where the opinions of others that once mattered so much

Becomes a static background noise

To the voice that tells you you’re worth it, beautiful, you’ll always be good enough

My only regret is that I didn’t listen to that voice sooner


Mock me not

This struggle we’ve got

Your mind is deft

As is mine, quite adept

Confessions are frightening

The sinew of my body tightening

I feel small, insignificant

When faced with your wrath

Manipulation of the most magnificent

Quite the savvy craft

But I will continue to walk

Into the wind as you talk

Wanting to hide as you balk

Staying strong in judgement,

Fear will not be my impediment

I learn as I go,

And I will always know

How it feels to be low




I wrote this as a lyrical interpretation of what it feels like to suffer from Brain Fog. It is a condition that not only afflicts people with Depression, but also a myriad of other conditions, diseases, and disorders. It can be crippling at times, rendering the sufferer mute at its worst. I find that writing, even a little every day, can help keep the worst of it at bay.

Dense fog saturated

My thoughts eradicated

Fear the unknown,

Only what the mind is shown

From the deep recesses of the psyche

Though the answers are always existent

Intangible, elusive they may be

As is often the mist is present

I feel the sediment deep within

My words escape me, drowning therein

The fog will never go away

But, I will live to fight it another day


Depression never ends, for there is no cure. It is a life-long battle. Tragically, far too many people ended their lives too soon because they could not take the agonizing pain. I’ve been there. I’ve felt that pain and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone. We are all strong and we are all deserving of the best life we can live. Be kind, be generous, be loving.