Hat tipped low, collar flipped high

His cloak and dagger moves

Makes her breath catch on a sigh

Her intrigue is piqued

She cannot deny

The flutters of her heart, or the rush of her blood

The fear is intoxicating

Desire emulating

Rushes through her veins in a flood

He turns her way

Smoldering gaze darkens the day

She cannot look away

The damage is done

His presence blocks out the sun

A cock of his head

The icy chill of dread

Forever is the way it will be

Too late for her to see

She will follow behind

Until the end of time

She will soon know the heady and excruciating

Will of the divine


Author: Poets and Prose

I've suffered from depression, anxiety, and low self-esteem for many years. When my son was diagnosed with Autism, my depression took a turn for the worse. At the age of 39, I've opened up a new lease on life by learning to love myself and finding positive ways to cope with life's difficulties through blogging, fitness, photography, writing, and the arts. This is just one personal journey of healing and finding oneself.

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