Mock me not

This struggle we’ve got

Your mind is deft

As is mine, quite adept

Confessions are frightening

The sinew of my body tightening

I feel small, insignificant

When faced with your wrath

Manipulation of the most magnificent

Quite the savvy craft

But I will continue to walk

Into the wind as you talk

Wanting to hide as you balk

Staying strong in judgement,

Fear will not be my impediment

I learn as I go,

And I will always know

How it feels to be low




Author: Poets and Prose

I've suffered from depression, anxiety, and low self-esteem for many years. When my son was diagnosed with Autism, my depression took a turn for the worse. At the age of 39, I've opened up a new lease on life by learning to love myself and finding positive ways to cope with life's difficulties through blogging, fitness, photography, writing, and the arts. This is just one personal journey of healing and finding oneself.

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