I wrote this as a lyrical interpretation of what it feels like to suffer from Brain Fog. It is a condition that not only afflicts people with Depression, but also a myriad of other conditions, diseases, and disorders. It can be crippling at times, rendering the sufferer mute at its worst. I find that writing, even a little every day, can help keep the worst of it at bay.

Dense fog saturated

My thoughts eradicated

Fear the unknown,

Only what the mind is shown

From the deep recesses of the psyche

Though the answers are always existent

Intangible, elusive they may be

As is often the mist is present

I feel the sediment deep within

My words escape me, drowning therein

The fog will never go away

But, I will live to fight it another day


Author: Poets and Prose

I've suffered from depression, anxiety, and low self-esteem for many years. When my son was diagnosed with Autism, my depression took a turn for the worse. At the age of 39, I've opened up a new lease on life by learning to love myself and finding positive ways to cope with life's difficulties through blogging, fitness, photography, writing, and the arts. This is just one personal journey of healing and finding oneself.

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