Flesh cut and flayed

Like a canvas beneath a blade

Your love is merely a shade

Of the together that we had made

Now and forever the sun and stars forbade


Waiting On Love



The cold prick of ice in her veins

The stinging numbness of freezing rain

In the cold, dark gloom of the night

She waited alone and contrite

In the howling winds that would sear and bite

For the love that once had been, but would never again

Comfortable Love

A kiss on the nose, head resting on your shoulder

Legs woven together like they were meant to be

Socked feet in your lap, the tickle of toes on the belly

Little notes by the beside, lip prints on the paper

Soft voice, softer eyes

The comforts of home, love, and life

Yearning so true after all this time

Two hearts combined, two souls intertwined

Everlasting devotion, until the end of time